This Business

Group feature

is included within

 the StickyFeet 

 base platform

Every Business Group member will have

access to the StickyFeet Loyalty engine

including both Business Group (and their own) branded Loyalty and Gift Cards campaigns.

Promoting mutual business support in the way of purchases from their fellow members and WoM (Word of Mouth) referrals.

Members can reward their fellow members with Business Group points.

And after all, isn’t being supportive what being in a group is all about?



Trust personal recommendations

WoM via 

Social Media

WoM via 

personal interaction

While the Business Group head office can see all transactions, 

every Group Member is also able to individually log in and view their own transactions plus they can market directly to their own Business Group clients.

The tracked sales quantities and sales value allows the Business Group head office team to more easily gain new members as tracked internal and referred sales demonstrate the ROI value of membership.

Business Group 

info video

Business Group 


We'Re Happy To Chat.  Even @ The Office.

Really, we have offices. We do dress a little bit groovy and wear sneakers, but we're there.  Call. us now,  We'll answer the phone.  In fact, pretty much 9 times out of 10 you'll speak to one of the owners. We're old school like that.


Tel: (+61 2) 8007.6440



Post: 3408 / 1 Sergeants Lane,

St Leonards, NSW, Australia, 2065

ViSiT - Office & Warehouse

Unit 16, 276 New Line Road

Dural, NSW, Australia, 2158


Monday - Friday: usually 9am-5pmEST

Saturday/Sunday: Nothing scheduled but we're often online or in the office so give it a go!

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